A simple to use Microsoft Excel add-in, which enables you to send batch messages to the phone numbers in your address book, without effort.

  • Version :4.5
  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :BulkSMSMantra.com

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BULK SMS XL Description

BULK SMS XL is a reliable plug-in for Microsoft Excel, which enables you to send bulk SMS using the phone number list contained within the current spreadsheet. The Microsoft Excel add-in can detect phone numbers contained in the specified column, then send a template message to all of them.

Useful marketing tool

The purpose of BULK SMS XL is to help you promote your business and keep your clients up to date with the latest news. The add-in allows you to send the information straight to their mobile phones instead of email inbox, where they can easily pass as spam. All you need to do is draw up a list of the contacts you wish to keep informed, then import it in Microsoft Excel.

You may password protect the function of BULK SMS XL, so you can prevent unauthorised access to it. Once you have configured your address book in Excel, you may start BULK SMS XL, write the message and select the phone number range. The software requires that you indicate the column that contains the phone numbers and also that you enter them in the correct format.

Customizable message sending function

BULK SMS XL allows you to send plain SMS texts, with maximum 160 characters, as well as add a custom signature. The signature can include your name, email, phone number or even a custom holiday cheer, for instance. The add-in recommends that you avoid special characters, since they might not be rendered correctly and jam the text message.

Additionally, you may send the message to all the phone numbers contained within the selected column, or to a specified range. The add-in features a preview function and allows you to send the SMS according to a preset schedule.

Batch SMS sender

Whether you wish to promote a campaign, a business, send newsletter or inform your clients of a promotion, BULK SMS XL can help you reach them through their mobile phones. The Microsoft Excel add-in allows you to easily send batch short messages to an entire list of phone numbers, on demand or according to a schedule.

NOTE: In order to send SMS, you need to purchase credits.

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