BlackBerry Blend

A reliable and comprehensive software solution that can bring messages and calendar tasks that you store on your BlackBerry smartphone to your computer.

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BlackBerry Blend Description

A lot of people rely on their smartphones to increase their productivity at the office or to organize their daily tasks as neatly as possible.

BlackBerry Blend can help you further improve your efficiency by managing your phone’s contents on your computer or tablet.

Connect BlackBerry devices running OS 10.3 or higher

It needs to be emphasized right from the get-go that the app can only be used when a BlackBerry smartphone running OS 10.3 or higher is plugged in to the PC (such as BlackBerry Passport, BlackBerry Classic or Porsche Design P’9983 from BlackBerry). The connection can be established via a USB cable or via Wi-Fi, depending on your choice.

You can also enter your BlackBerry ID credentials, or you can skip this step with a single mouse click if you prefer not to login.

User-friendly interface for exploring BlackBerry contents

Once the connection between the BlackBerry device and the computer has been successfully established, you can proceed to exploring a wide range of data from your smartphone right from your PC.

More precisely, you can browse through your received and sent SMS, look for certain contacts or review the BBM messages. You can also explore your upcoming events, as specified by your calendar entries, or you can create new ones.

Read emails sent on your smartphone or send new ones

Not only can you access the folders on your BlackBerry device, but you can also view the stored images or listen to your audio tracks.

Additionally, you can read all the messages you received via email on your smartphone, as well as send new ones without too much hassle.

All in all, BlackBerry Blend can come in handy to all those who are looking for a solution for managing their BlackBerry data without leaving their computers. Moreover, the data is synced so you can open received BBM messages while at the office, even if you have forgot your handset at home.

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