AirStream PC Suite

A user-friendly and reliable software solution that enables you to browse the videos on your computer using only your Android phone.

  • AirStream PC Suite
  • Version :5.4.4
  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Nityaa Labs

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AirStream PC Suite Description

People are starting to gradually spend less time on their PC and more time using smartphones or tablets, and most of the times, this means that all the movies or funny videos they gathered on their computer are forgotten and wasted. Nonetheless, due to AirStream PC Suite one can easily stream and watch their computer clips on their portable devices.

This cross-platform application installs smoothly on any computer, as long as Java Runtime Environment has been previously installed.

Users first need to download and install the AirStream mobile application on their handsets, provided they are running one of the latest flavors of Android.

Next, they need to access the mobile app and create an account that will be later used to connect to the computer (even though there is the possibility to establish a connection without creating an account, streamed data will not be protected unless a username and password are used).

Users need to enter the same credentials within the computer application, as the ones they specified within the mobile one, then connect the two computers – this is done automatically, assuming the two devices share the same Wi-Fi network.

As soon as the smartphone or tablet is connected to the PC (one might need to restart their device if the connection is not successful the first times), users can rely on their portable device and explore the files and folders on the computer, then select the video they would like to play on their handset.

Additionally, AirStream PC Suite also allows users to copy chosen items from the computer to the device with as much as a single tap on the touchscreen. On the other hand, users can also block certain items from being accessible from any portable device, such as private files or confidential documents.

All in all, AirStream PC Suite can come in handy to all those looking to stream the videos on their computer to their Android devices and play them without even needing to transfer them first.

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