Backup Compare

A simple to use application designed to compare two backup folders, identify the common files and highlight the changes that occured.

  • Backup Compare
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  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Jarkko Tuovinen

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Backup Compare Description

Backup Compare is a lightweight, portable software that enables you to view the highlighted differences between two backup folders. The software can compare two directories by name and size, but also analyze their contents, in order to identify the changes.

The folder submitted to comparison

Backup Compare allows you to view the paralleled analysis of two folders, regardless of their content or purpose. The software comes in handy however, when you need to view the differences that occurred to a newer backup folder and compare it to the old one. The software can highlight the files that underwent changes between the two versions.

All you need to do is indicate the path of the newer folder and the path for the older one, in the designated fields. The software can automatically display the contents of the folders, then highlight the files with identical names but different size, for instance.

Thorough folder comparison

Backup Compare is designed to analyze directories and their contents, by name, size and detect the changes made in its structure. Optionally, you may choose to compare each file contained in the folder, by their MD5 checksums.

The software can indicate any additional files added to the backup directory or stress the gradual decay of data, in storage media. Moreover, it displays the files contained in each folder and allows you to double click on each entry in order to prompt a window in Explorer, leading to the file’s location. Backup Compare is lightweight and portable, meaning its usage is convenient for any user.

Reliable and useful comparison tool

With Backup Compare, you may easily observe the modifications that were made within a folder, observe its contents and compare the directories in order to check the data degradation. The software allows you to load two folders or backup directories then compare them. You may view the changes that occurred within the folder in a separate area.

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