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A reliable and user-friendly software solution that helps you explore folders, open files and view their properties within an intuitive GUI.

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Aerize Explorer Description

In order to be efficient when managing the many files and folders on your computer, you need to rely on dedicated software utilities, such as Aerize Explorer for Windows 8.1, as it can help you increase productivity when it comes to document management.

File manager especially tailored for Windows 8.1

It goes without saying that this application can only be installed on devices running Windows 8.1, no matter if it is x86 or x64. In other words, it can run not only on desktop computers, but also on touchscreen-enabled tablets that come with Windows 8.1 by default.

The installation process takes place in the background, as you only need to press a single wait then wait until the app is successfully installed.

Create a list with the folders you access most frequently

Once you run Aerize Explorer, you need to select the folders you access on a regular basis and add them to a list – this way, you no longer need to browse for them whenever you need one of the files they store, as they will be within reach.

By default, these folders are sorted alphabetically, but you can also re-order them by modified date or size, depending on your preferences.

Straightforward solution for managing folders and files on Windows 8.1

One of the functions of Aerize Explorer is that it displays thumbnails for all the image files it detects within the folder you are currently browsing, thus making it easy for you to choose the one you are looking for without needing to open it first.

All in all, the application is meant to be as intuitive as possible, so as to encourage even computer novices to give it a try. They can access directories with ease, as well as pin files or folders to speed up access even more.

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