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Check multiple domains for backlinks to your websites, discover backlinks with DoFollow and NoFollow attributes, save info to file, and ping domains.

  • Backlink Checker
  • Version :1.1
  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Bottopia

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Backlink Checker Description

Backlink Checker is a simple-to-use instrument that can check a list of multiple domains for backlinks to your own websites. It also comes packed with a ping tool.

Check multiple domains for backlinks to your website

The number of backlinks in different domains is taken into consideration by search engines to determine your page ranking. The more backlinks to have, the easier your website will be found by people on Google, Bing, Yahoo or other services.

Needs .NET Framework and has a plain GUI

It’s not necessary to go through an installation process for Backlink Checker, since it’s wrapped in a single .exe file that can be saved anywhere on the computer and just double-clicked to fire up the app. However, make sure that your PC is equipped with .NET Framework or the tool won’t work properly.

In matter of looks, there’s nothing special about this application. It adopts a simple interface that makes it seem like an unfinished software project. On the bright side, it has a neat structure that makes it easy to figure out its options. The checker and pinger are split into separate tabs.

Open a TXT file with websites to check for backlinks

When it comes to the backlink verifier, you can type or paste the website you want to look for in other domains, open a plain text document that you’ve previously filled with domains to scan, adjust the number of threads, and click the “Check” button.

Discover backlinks with DoFollow and NoFollow

The utility then begins to slowly return results with the URL, live status (true if it has backlinks or false if it doesn’t), anchor (HTML code), count (number of found backlinks), as well as total links with DoFollow attributes (which improves your page ranking) and NoFollow (has no impact on your page ranking).

Save information to file and ping websites

The list of URLs with the “true” live status can be saved as a TXT file. Otherwise, you can save the entire table to CSV format.

The pinger asks you to load a plain text document with websites to ping. However, it uses a website to perform the checkups, since it doesn’t have an actual ping function integrated.

Laggy and unstable on Windows 10

Unfortunately, Backlink Checker was laggy during our tests. After each verification job, it stopped responding to commands, forcing us to quit its process from Task Manager and start it again. It seems to have compatibility issues with Windows 10.

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