Make memorization cards for assimilating information in a more facile manner by using this reliable and straightforward application.

  • Anki
  • Version :2.0.44
  • License :GPL
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Damien Elmes

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Anki Description

Studying any subject matter involves lots of memorization in order to accumulate as much knowledge as possible. In order to achieve a high degree of proficiency in a certain area, there are many methods of accelerating the process and when it comes to checking and consolidating the new information, study cards are often one of the best good choices.

In case you are not going to take some paper and a pencil and start creating a deck to keep on the desk, then it may be interesting to try a dedicated utility to bring the cards to life and have them stored onto your desktop.

One such tool is Anki, a software solution that aims to make you forget forgetfulness and focus on learning the content you want to acquire. Although the interface is not too fancy, the program is quite easy to use and packs a neat set of features awaiting to be discovered and put to good use.

Right off the bat you will be able to generate a deck and add the notes or cards, which can be of different types, including items with some words occluded (cloze), basic with reversed card optionally and more. You have the possibility to make some types of your own and customize their settings on the spot.

There is also a built-in card browser which will make it really easy for anyone to locate, view and edit any note studied or added recently. The decks can also be subject to a lot of modifications, including step timing, graduating interval, reviews percentage and a set of other similar parameters.

The synchronization and backup features that Anki comes with are welcomed bonuses for an otherwise very good application, that can prove its worth for all types of users, through ease of use and a solid collection of functions.

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