Accessory Media Editor

Cut, merge and apply dozens of amazing filters for your videos and or capture your screen to share with friends and co-workers using this app.

  • Accessory Media Editor
  • Version :1.3
  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Accessory Software

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Accessory Media Editor Description

While some users edit their videos to remove imperfections or to obtain a crisper effect, others prefer to use special techniques that reveal their perception and profound understanding of how they think, feel or remember their stories and experiences.

Accessory Media Editor is a piece of software that allows you to modify and improve videos using dozens or filter effects and other powerful tools.

Comes with dozens of editing filters

The setup is intuitive and straightforward, so you are unlikely to encounter any issues on this step. Upon launch, you are welcomed by a sleek and stylish interface, one that can be customized with one of the dozens of themes the app comes with.

It is important to note that the application includes numerous editing filters for audio and video files, tweaks that you can use when editing clips as well as slideshows and videos that you are joining or merging. Some of the filters you can employ to improve your project or underline the message you want to transmit include, but are not limited to lens correction, scale, unsharp, transpose, vignette and zoom pan.

Enables you to capture your screen

In addition to video editing, the application also includes a function that allows you to record areas of your screen. In case you want to capture a window to share with your colleagues or embed in a blog post or tutorial, then you need both audio and video capturing devices. On a side note, capturing the screen is done with Direct Show.

Although the application supports numerous file formats, you only have a few options to save your project, namely MP4, MPG, AVI, WMV and FLV. You should know that the app includes a history log that displays all output video files, so can easily find a video that you accidentally saved in another device or folder.

A simplistic and intuitive video editor

All in all, if you need to correct, improve, merge or cut the videos you are working so that you make them more appropriate for your projects, then perhaps Accessory Media Editor could come in handy.

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