AL Time Manager

Plan your schedule to the very detail and keep track of your study, sleep and entertainment time using this intuitive application.

  • AL Time Manager
  • Version :2.0
  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Softink Lab

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AL Time Manager Description

In the eventuality that you feel like you are always tired and do not have time for anything else than studying during the day, then you should consider using a tool that can help you analyze how you are spending your days.

AL Time Manager is a user-friendly piece of software that enables you to note down all sorts details about school and studying hours as well as entertainment, sleeping and other activities you commonly do in a day.

Rugged and detailed, yet well-structured interface

In spite of the fact that it displays a lot of data and it looks old-school, the interface is neatly organized into several regions. For instance, you can preview a summary of your schedule and how many hours during the day you spent sleeping, studying or you just wasted from the today’s summary window panel.

You can also view and edit your profile, tasks and application tasks from the utmost right panel. A few noteworthy functions include the reminders, notes and special dates, features that can help you make sure you do not forget important events, such as handing in the thesis draft papers, for example.

Enables you to reach a study-entertainment balance

Considering that you can schedule each day of the week on an hourly basis, the advantage is that you can know for a fact how you spend your days. If you mark the activities you have been involved in as you go, you can analyze where most of your time went and whether you could use a lifestyle change.

In addition, the program enables you to create a plan for a single day or an entire month. This option can come in handy when you have the feeling you are spending too much time at school or with your friends and you want to reach a balance between school and social life.

A simple utility that can help you manage time better

Even though it does not come with an appealing interface, AL Time Manager is a feature-rich and comprehensive scheduler that can help you organize your school-related and personal activities better.

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