Advanced Savings Management

Manage your budget, set a savings goal and stick to it by keeping a close eye on incoming and outgoing transactions, with this user-friendly application.

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Advanced Savings Management Description

While we all like to have some money saved up for a rainy day, you normally have to make quite a few sacrifices if you want to have anything left over at the end of the month.

Advanced Savings Management cannot change that, but what it can do is make the process a little bit more fun, as well as a lot more straightforward. It is remarkably easy to use, and it encourages you to save money through fun and unconventional means.

Set an exact savings target and stick to your plan

When launching the application for the first time, you are asked to enter your personal details and provide a photo, as well as specify how much money are currently in your account, and how much you wish to save.

Unfortunately, the only currency available, the Malaysian Ringgit, is not used on a wide scale. However, this should not be a major issue, as the actual values are still displayed correctly.

Once the necessary data has been provided, you can record all your incoming and outgoing transactions and keep track of how much money you need to collect until reaching your target.

Stick to your goals to keep the application happy

Advanced Savings Management offers an interesting feature that, while unconventional, is certainly welcome. Whenever you deposit money, the application’s mood switches to happy, and a smiling emoji is displayed. However, if you withdraw too much money, it is replaced by a sad emoji, and an amusing message is displayed when you click it.

While this may not seem like a noteworthy feature, it can help make the monotonous task of managing your finances a bit more entertaining.

Lightweight and portable program that allows you to create backups

Because Advanced Savings Management does not need to be installed on your computer before use, it is very simple to deploy. Moreover, it stores all your data in the application folder, so you can carry it around on a portable storage device and use it on multiple computers.

Of course, it is a lot easier to lose your files if they are stored on external devices, but you can create backups on a regular basis to reduce the potential risks.

In conclusion, Advanced Savings Management is a straightforward piece of software designed to help you keep track of your finances. It encourages you to save more money in order to reach your target, and it is very easy to use.

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