A1 Website Scraper

Scrape information from websites by using crawlers that can be customized to extract the specified type of data and save the results on your local drive.

  • A1 Website Scraper
  • Version : 8.1.0 Update #1
  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Micro-Sys

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A1 Website Scraper Description

A1 Website Scraper is an advanced Windows application designed specifically for helping you scrape websites and extract data into customizable CSV files.

User interface

By default, the tool reveals a simplified view mode which hides several advanced configuration settings. Switching between the two modes requires a single click.

A1 Website Scraper employs a multi-tabbed layout that provides quick access to several key features of the program that allow you to set up scraper options, scan websites, analyze websites, and view files.

In addition, you can create projects that store all your configuration data and save them on your computer so as to be able to import and edit them in the future.

Extraction configuration settings

A1 Website Scraper comes with a multitude of dedicated parameters for helping you customize the way you scrape and extract data. You may use custom regular expressions for grabbing data from crawled pages and insert various test examples (e.g. extract product names and URLs, single column to extract, multiple regular expression functions).

Furthermore, you are allowed to define output data format (CSV file format), view CSV test output, display raw test output, scrape an entire website, control which URLs get content analyzed for links, as well as apply output filters in order to scrape data from certain URLs.

The application lets you import URLs from plain text files, tweak the encoding and character format of the generated CSV file, and export CSV data with headers or URLs.

Scanning and analyzing websites

A1 Website Scraper lets you start or stop the scan process, chose between several quick presets, view information about scanned data (e.g. scan state, total time, number of internal and external URLs, jobs waiting in the crawler engine), as well as alter several data collection parameters, such as create log files of website scans, verify external URLs, store titles for all pages).

The analyzing mode creates the website structure with links and allows you to apply filters (e.g. show only URLs with duplicate titles, descriptions and keywords), and view information about each webpage, namely core data (e.g. title, description, full address, response code) and external data (e.g. external and internal links). In addition, you may preview the files and source data.

Table, view modes and other handy tools

You can open the selected file in a text editor, Notepad, Internet Explorer or Firefox, add or delete items in the table, insert rows, move items up or down, remove HTML comments, format and strip whitespace, as well as enable the syntax highlighting and spell checking feature.

An overall reliable website scrapper

All in all, A1 Website Scraper comes with a multitude of customization features for scraping websites and extracting data into CSV files, and is suitable especially for professional users.

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