A1 Keyword Research

Increase your website’s visibility of search engine results pages, by optimizing keyword utilization, with this powerful piece of software.

  • A1 Keyword Research
  • Version :8.1.0 Update #1
  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Micro-Sys

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A1 Keyword Research Description

A1 Keyword Research is a pro-grade application that comes equipped with features for helping you determine your website ranking and analyze keywords. It can be used to create and test keywords, in order to find out which are mostly widely. Due to the complexity of the tool, it’s difficult for inexperienced users.

SEO tool for keyword research and analysis

Following a fast installation operation, you’re welcomed by a large window with a cluttered window, where you can access three main components in easy mode, namely website scanning and analysis along with SEO and PPC tools. In advanced configuration mode, it’s also possible to access some online tool and tinker with general options.

Scan websites and examine statistics

When it comes to website scanning, you can enter a domain or indicate the root directory path before running the scanner to find out internal sitemap URLs, external links as well as “init” or “analyze” found links. As far as data collection settings are concerned, you can instruct the utility to record website scanning activity in log files, keep track of redirected links, those from and to all pages and similar URLs, check if external URLs exist, store titles and meta descriptions for all pages, and so on. Quick presets can be applied for WordPress, Joomla, SharePoint, Wiki and other types of domains.

Inspect the website link structure and configure settings

In addition, you can analyze the website link structure, such as HTTP response code, page description, title and keywords for internal and external pages. Any type of content can be ignored by A1 Keyword Research, though. Furthermore, you can use PDF-to-HTML and Flash-to-HTML conversion and parser tools, a spellchecker with dictionary files, OpenSSL for https support with the Indy HTTP engine, the Tidy app for HTML validation, and CSE HTML Validator for HTML and CSS validation.

URLs can be exported to file and later imported into various future projects. Moreover, you can remove HTML comments, format and strip whitespaces, enable syntax highlights, generate importance and summary data as well as switch to a different interface language.

Comprehensive app for keyword analysis and website ranking

To sum it up, A1 Keyword Research provides SEO researchers with powerful tools for helping them analyze keywords and make the necessary modifications to boost their website ranking. It had minimal impact on the computer’s performance in our tests and worked smoothly on Windows 10.

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