ZXT2007 Video Converter

This video converter allows you to change the encoding of multiple file types and effortlessly extract the soundtrack from movies.

  • ZXT2007 Video Converter
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  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :ZXT 2007

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ZXT2007 Video Converter Description

ZXT2007 Video Converter is a video encoding tool that aims to provide you with the tools required to change the format, size and encoder of various movies. The program supports most of the popular file formats and includes several audio and video encoders.

If you want to play a movie on a mobile device or disc player you might need to convert the file to a different format that is supported by your device. ZXT2007 Video Converter is one of the tools that can help you perform this operation with a few clicks.

The program is designed to process multiple files simultaneously in order to save time. You just need to load them in the main window and configure the output settings for each one before starting the conversion.

All the output settings are available from the main window which enables you to select the encoder, aspect ratio and frame size. Although it allows you to adjust every aspect about the output video and sound, it does not include the option to save the configuration in order to use it later.

In order to personalize your movie, the program offers the possibility to apply a watermark image by using a PNG files. Moreover, you can specify the screen position and rotate the image when converting the file.

Although the program’s purpose is to convert and not edit movies, you have the option to crop a part of the video or extract the sound and save it as an MP3 file.

In our tests, the program successfully converted multiple video files to MPG, MP4, AVI and other formats. Unfortunately, we had to restart the program several times since the output format or the crop points were not applied correctly.

If you want to convert personal movies, ZXT2007 Video Converter can get the job done with minimum effort.

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