Zoom Investment Portfolio Manager

Create multiple portfolios with unlimited number of transactions, get info about quoted stocks from Bloomberg and Yahoo! Finance, and calculate capital gains.

  • Zoom Investment Portfolio Manager
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  • Publisher :Leslie Kaye

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Zoom Investment Portfolio Manager Description

Zoom Investment Portfolio Manager is an open-source finance and business tool specialized in helping you gather information about stock quotes and share investments.

Clean feature lineup

The tool gives you the possibility to keep track of multiple portfolios and view details about the summary of each portfolio and transactions. There’s support for an online help manual in case you need further assistance with some of the program’s configuration settings.

Set up a new portfolio

You can configure a brand-new portfolio by providing details about the name and selecting the currency. The tool lets you store an unlimited number of transactions in each portfolio.

Transactions can be defined by specifying information about the symbol, name, transaction type (e.g. buy, sell), date, quantity, price, amount, commission, and tax. You may also split transactions.

What’s more, you are given the freedom to delete all sold positions, update price, adjust cash balance, move the selected position to another portfolio, get a summary of each portfolio with details about the total cost, gain, market value, realized gain, and cash, analyze stock statistics with the aid of charts, as well as view all transactions displayed in a list.

Configuration parameters

Several configuration settings help you hide sold positions from the main window, specify the Exchange code equivalents in order to look up positions on Bloomberg and Yahoo! Finance sites, pick the preferred calculation method for capital gains, as well as specify the news links.

Create reports

Zoom Investment Portfolio Manager helps you generate reports about positions (while including details about the transactions and dividends), capital gains, and cash. The reports can be exported to CSV file format.

Learn more about investments

The application helps you carry out researches regarding your investments using Yahoo! Finance or Bloomberg. You may also perform searches by symbol, create a watch list of potential investments, as well as browse online financial news sources from Zoom Investment Portfolio Manager’s GUI.

An overall efficient portfolio manager

All in all, Zoom Investment Portfolio Manager comes with several handy features for helping you obtain stock prices from Yahoo! Finance and Bloomberg, and store data about shares and transactions.

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