ZONEmeter 1st

A reliable and easy to use application that enables you to calculate distances, areas, perimeters or volume of graphic elements from sketches.

  • ZONEmeter 1st
  • Version :1.2.23
  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :FFE-Tech

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ZONEmeter 1st Description

ZONEmeter 1st is an intuitive software that can help you calculate areas, perimeters and volumes of various graphic sketched, based on given criteria and values. The application can also perform calculations and conversions from metric to US standard length system, thus being suitable for multiple types of operations.

Draw and estimate perimeters

The software supports ZMP files that contain graphic elements created along the measuring rulers, on a board that resembles the plotting paper. While the workings space is divided by units, the measuring system can be manually selected.

You may easily choose and even convert between millimeters, centimeters, meters and kilometers from the European metric system. Additionally, you may choose units specific to the US standard length system: inches, feet, yards and miles. In order to determine the area or perimeter of an object, you can import or draw the sketch within the software. Thus, a simple graphic board can be the representation of a mock-up or of a real life building.

A reliable assistant in construction business

Using the software does not require advanced CAD knowledge or skills, since the process it performs is a simple calculation. The values of the distances are set in the moment you draw or import the sketch, while the measuring system can be subsequently determined. The software can calculate the area contained inside the borders, then subtract or add several objects.

The result is an accurate calculus of the predetermined lengths, as well as the item’s position on the board. Moreover, you can also specify the depth of the model, then allow the software to calculate its volume. The software can display multiple calculi at the same time, so that you may save them all with the project.

Quick and accurate calculations

ZONEmeter 1st is a reliable application that can constitute a real help when you need to quickly calculate areas or perimeters. Thus you can use it for educational purposes, but also in a construction business, since it is lightweight and easy to use. Moreover, you may instantly convert the results from one unit measuring system to another: European metric or US standard lengths.

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