Effortlessly extract archives and restore damaged or corrupted backup files with this small, but very powerful software solution.

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Zipfocus Description

Considering the abundance of compression tools available on the market today, chances are that you are selecting a program based on its ability to extract and pack files relatively quickly.

Zipfocus is a lightweight, but powerful utility that enables you to decompress, compress and test archives for any damage or corruption

Minimalistic interface, yet appropriate for the role of the app

After a quick installation, you can preview a small window on a white background which is the interface of the application. Even though it does not seem like much, the truth is that it is suitable for the main function of the program.

You can preview the files packed in the archive along with their file formats, sizes and date when they were created. While you get a notification when the extraction is complete, you can also access the Show Log function to view the files that have been extracted.

Basic functionality, suitable for first-time users

The application is extremely easy to use and entails selecting the files you want to compress and specifying whether you want the app to account for the existing ones only or to check for older ones. Extracting only missing files is also an option available in the program.

You can specify if you want the app to overwrite the files that are already packed in the archive, a feature that is useful when you know you the backup has been corrupted. Moreover, Zipfocus allows you to recreate entire directories that have been damaged due to various reasons.

On a side note, it would have been useful if the program allowed you to open files, as sometimes not all of them get damaged or corrupted. In addition, it would be useful if you could save the healthy files in another location.

A good tool for extracting archives

If speed represents your main priority when it comes to working with ZIP files and archives in general, then Zipfocus can come in handy and can help you finish your work faster.

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