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Compact software that helps you create and extract ZIP files, while allowing you to encrypt items and generate SFX archives on the breeze.

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Zip It Description

Zip It is a lightweight software application designed specifically for helping you extract and compress ZIP files on the breeze.

Clean feature lineup and extraction operations

You are welcomed by a well-organized set of functions that allows you to carry out most operations with minimal effort.

You can add a new archived item to the list using the built-in browse button and specify the saving directory. Plus, you may extract the ZIP file by simply dragging and dropping the archive on the desired location from your computer.

At the end of the task, you can view details about the time and speed needed to complete the operation, check out the total number of files that are extracted, as well as open the saving directory.

The tool also offers support for context menu integration, so you can easily open an archive or add a new item to the current ZIP file, and lets you preview the content of an archive directly in the main window. Plus, you may delete items from an archive.

Creating a new ZIP file

Zip It gives you the possibility to generate a new ZIP file by selecting the compression mode (e.g. normal, fast, good, best), filename, and updating method (add and replace, add and update, update, or synchronize). Additionally, you may opt for creating SFX archives and password-protect your files.

When it comes to configuration settings, you are allowed to pick the default compression level, update method, and file path, and make file associations (ZIP file format).

Bottom line

All in all, Zip It offers a simple yet efficient software solution when it comes to helping you create and extract ZIP files. On the downside, it lets you work only with ZIP and SFX file formats, so you cannot open RAR, TAR, CAB, LHS, and 7Z files.

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