Zen Focus

Stay focused at the job at hand with the help of this nifty and modern, Electron-based app that is based on the Pomodoro technique.

  • Zen Focus
  • Version : 1.2.0
  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Cheng Ly

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Zen Focus Description

Designed to help you power through most distractions and to be more productive, the Pomodoro technique is a time management method that proposes a simple way of getting things done in relatively short periods of time, with lots of breaks in between.

Since it’s so simple, you can use any regular watch or a basic stopwatch or, even better, you can choose one of the multitudes of Pomodoro-based apps out there.

Modern and user-friendly Pomodoro-based app

Zen Focus is a cross-platform (also available for macOS) and modern, Electron-based application that aims to provide you with a streamlined timer for the Pomodoro technique. Straight off the bat, we should point out that you are by no means limited only to the Pomodoro technique since the app offers various timing options to perfectly fit your workflow.

For instance, you can easily change the lengths for the Focus session, Short Break, Long Break, and Long Break intervals. Furthermore, you can also vary the number of rounds, anywhere between 1 and 100.

Well-designed and surprisingly customizable timer app that should help you focus better

Besides the fact that it sports a stylish interface that looks right at home on later iterations of Windows and a comprehensive and self-explanatory Progress Chart, it’s worth mentioning that the app also comes with support for Fullscreen and Compact Mode (quite handy, when you’re dealing with cluttered desktops).

In the customization features department, the app is also quite capable, as it provides you with the possibility to change various notification settings, choose between two UI modes (Dark and Light), and between three ticking sounds, and that’s basically it.

Versatile utility that can be used to improve your focus

Taking everything into account, Zen Focus is a somewhat interesting and well-thought-out app. While not ground-breaking, it’s safe to say that Zen Focus manages to differentiate itself when compared to other Pomodoro apps thanks to its modern UI and useful configuration options.

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