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Zazu Description

For some of us, improving our productivity means everything from constantly having to streamline and clean our workspaces to using all sorts of shortcuts on our computers’ desktops or web browsers.

This said, if you are one of those productivity-orientated users, then you might find Zazu to be a very interesting application.

Highly extensible launcher for your computer

Without over complicating things, Zazu is an efficient and streamlined, cross-platform app that allows you to launch programs, find content on your computer, execute a wide variety of system commands and even perform common equation, directly from the desktop.

Before we go even further, we should point out that, even though Zazu might be useful straight out of the box, this is by no means the app’s highlight. With a fair bit of Node and JavaScript knowledge, you can fully customize it and extend its functionality by creating custom plugins and themes. You can do some reading on this matter by visiting the dedicated section on the app’s official website.

Effortless to install and just as easy to summon

Deploying this launcher on your computer’s system only requires a few seconds of your time and hardly any attention. Once installed, the utility makes its presence know by integrating with your computer’s taskbar. Once the app finishes loading its plugins presets, you can start taking advantage of everything it has to offer by summoning its compact interface with the help of ALT+SPACE keyboard combo.

You can start off by getting a feel for the app by typing in simple equations with results that can be copied to your computer’s clipboard in an instant or by entering basic system commands such as locking your computer, enabling the screen saver and many others.

Perform a wide variety of tasks with no effort, from your computer’s desktop

All in all, Zazu is a reasonably competent and interesting piece of software that can be run on all major OSes, like Windows, macOS, and Linux. With its default plugins, it is clearly not a contender for ‘The Best Launcher’ prize, but the app makes up for this drawback by offering developers outstanding possibilities to customize and extend its functionality.

As an ending note, we should also point out that at the time which this review was written, the app was still in a relatively early development stage, therefore, more useful and exciting features might be implemented in the future.

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