YouWave for Android Home Edition

Use your PC as an Android device with this utility that emulates the ICS interface and allows you to run apps just like on an Android phone.

  • YouWave for Android Home Edition
  • Version :3.31 ICS
  • License :Apache License 2.0
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :YouWave Inc

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YouWave for Android Home Edition Description

Android fans and people who have this system installed on their phones and tablets might wish for a way to use their PCs as Android devices. YouWave for Android perfectly emulates the Android environment on a desktop computer and it will allow users to benefit from the full range of features that the applications on an Android phone would provide.

User friendly interface that accommodates most of the Android ICS features

This application will provide a facsimile of the Android Ice Cream Sandwich operating system, with all the characteristics of the layout found on Android phones and tablets. Users will even be able to use on-screen commands that mimic the phone / tablet buttons for “Home”, “Menu” or “Running Apps”.

YouWave for Android features a list of predefined resolutions that are meant to help users find the best layout for their preferences. Furthermore, in order to enhance the looks,  the interface can be rotated and users have access to on-screen commands for the volume, navigation keys and home screen.

Android functionality packed on a desktop app that provides increased performance, but limited useful features

Users will be able to use mouse gestures in order to navigate through the different application screens, but the utility fails to provide that in the settings menu, where the arrow keys are required. Almost all the functionality that is found on an Android phone can be found in this application, which will run faster and smoother, since it is deployed on a PC.

All the features that one might use on a phone or tablet can be customized, the applications are fully functional and so are the widgets. However, when looking past its core feature that simulates an Android environment, users might find that its features are quite restrictive. They will only serve the enjoyment of those who wish to “play” on an Android simulator for PCs.

Interesting software solution for emulating the capabilities of an Android environment on your PC

YouWave for Android will surely appeal to those who would prefer to use the features of an Android device on their PCs. It does a good job at simulating all the layouts, buttons, menus and apps that one might find on an Android phone. However, its functionality is limited only to its applications and users will not be able to access other functions that a real phone might offer, such as calling or messaging.

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