YouTube Scraper

Query the YouTube database using specific words with this application that allows you to apply video quality and type download filters.

  • YouTube Scraper
  • Version :1.6
  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Bottopia

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YouTube Scraper Description

YouTube Scraper is designed to assist users in gathering information from YouTube based on single or multiple search strings.

Insert a keyword, receive a bundle of information

The software allows users to search the database with multiple keywords. The information returned takes on various forms, including title, user, description, number of views and the day the video was uploaded.

A very nice feature is that the resource allows users to import keywords from standard TXT files. This is great when doing recurring searches with multiple items.

With regards to output, the program can save results as either text files or in CSV format. Making archives of past queries is, thus, possible.

Doubles as a YouTube downloader

An interesting feature, although only partially implemented so far, is the video downloader option. This is great when coupled with the core function of the utility.

For example, one could scrape the database for selected items and then grab the content off the Internet. And what’s so nice about all of this is that no external browsers or operations are required.

A simple copy-paste from the list in the main window and packets are already on the move! YouTube Scraper supports using more than one thread, which is great when grabbing really large videos.

However, this functionality is only experimental, but the idea behind it is fantastic! An interesting touch is that filters can also be applied to videos, before transferring them.

Low resolution, file type, or 3D status are all viable options. Quality filters range from 144 to 2304 pixels, so users can download videos from the lowest to the highest resolutions.

A notable utility with great potential and room for improvement

All in all, YouTube Scraper looks very promising. Having a scraper and a downloader in the same program seems like a very good idea!

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