YouTube Bulk Uploader for the Lazy

Quickly configure and upload batches of videos to your YouTube account, as well as synchronize your local folders, with this reliable tool.

  • YouTube Bulk Uploader for the Lazy
  • Version :3.0
  • License :Demo
  • OS :Windows All
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YouTube Bulk Uploader for the Lazy Description

YouTube Bulk Uploader for the Lazy is a useful tool especially for users who wish to publish a large batch of videos to YouTube. The application allows you to easily configure all the videos, then proceed with uploading them to the website, at any time you wish. The changes are saved in a dedicated database.

Offline video configuration tool

YouTube Bulk Uploader for the Lazy allows you to set the desired options for the videos, such as category or tags, then saves them in a local database. The information is linked to your account, therefore, you need to provide your YouTube username in order to access them. This feature allows you to set these parameters even in offline mode.

You may set the name of the video, the creation time, add descriptions and choose the tags, for each video you wish to upload. Moreover, you need to select the category and choose the privacy level for each of them.

Add videos to the database and upload them

Adding videos to the program’s database can be made with a simple drag and drop. When all the settings have been made, you may start the upload and watch the progression in the queue tab. The program does not feature options to shut the system down or send it to sleep after completing a larger queue.

YouTube Bulk Uploader for the Lazy features a Tag manager, which allows you to create and store keywords, then assign them to one of the videos in the database. Moreover, the File Path Sync allows you to control any changes that you make in the video database. The program features instructions at each step, which makes it easy to use.

Program installation particularities

YouTube Bulk Uploader for the Lazy does not feature an actual installer, you may run it from its folder, however, there are other components that need to be installed in advance. The package contains instructions on how to proceed, however, the program might require appropriate privileges and UAC settings.

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