Your Free DVD Copy

A simple, yet reliable application that allows you to backup your DVD movies collection to blank DVD discs, by creating seamless 1:1 copies.

  • Your Free DVD Copy
  • Version :3.2
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  • OS :Windows All
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Your Free DVD Copy Description

Your Free DVD Copy is an intuitive program that enables you to extract DVD contents and create virtual images. Thus, you may easily copy the contents of a DVD to your computer, thus backing up your collection of movies. Due to the method of copying, the movie DVD properties are maintained, such as menus or special features.

Easy to use program

Your Free DVD Copy is small, however it can copy DVD contents to your computer in a short time, depending on the transfer size. The software can extract the data from the DVD as an ISO file, then save it to your computer, for storage or for further processing. The application offers a simple method of creating DVD duplicates, since you can easily burn the virtual image onto a new, blank disc.

Your Free DVD Copy is easy to operate: all you need to do is insert the desired disc into the reader, then select the dedicated drive from the menu. Next, choose the destination folder and optionally choose a temporary location, to be used for storage during the transfer.

Watch as the duplication process evolves

Your Free DVD Copy features a progress bar which indicates the evolution of the copying process. This feature can come in handy especially in case you are copying a large file from the DVD, since the process can take a longer time. The transfer speed, however, is high and the process undergoes with no data loss.

The software features a user-friendly interface, with large buttons and allows you to start or abort the DVD duplication task at any time. This function is useful in case the transfer takes too long and you wish to stop it without compromising your computer.

Backup your DVD movie collection

Your Free DVD Copy allows you to seamlessly copy the contents of a DVD to your computer or onto another blank disc. The software is easy to use and features high speed in processing the current task. You may start and stop the content copying at any time you wish, without compromising your system.

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