A feature-packed yet intuitive software solution that can help you speed up a wide range of operations regarding file management.

  • XYplorerFree
  • Version :17.40.0200/ 17.40.0201 Beta
  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Donald Lessau

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XYplorerFree Description

Using an intuitive and powerful file manager can help you quickly locate your files and folders, as well as perform various types of actions without needing to rely on third-party apps. XYplorerFree is such a handy file manager.

It can be of great use to everyone, both novices and experts, and it is up to them which of the tool’s features they actually employ.

The graphic interface is user-friendly and it enables you to effortlessly navigate to two separate folders and explore their contents – they can be displayed as horizontal or vertical panes, and you can switch between these modes with a single mouse click or by relying on the dedicated hotkeys.

Not only can you browse through your files as thumbnails or detailed lists, but you can also preview various files, such as images, songs, videos or text files without leaving XYplorerFree. Additionally, you can compare two files, move or copy them to another location or calculate their checksum (MD5, SHA-1, SHA-256 or CRC-32 are supported).

Additionally, XYplorerFree features a so-called Mini Tree mode, which only displays the paths you have actually accessed, rather than presenting all the folders on your PC. This can come in extremely handy if you need to manage items located in a handful of locations.

XYplorerFree can also create statistics regarding the file types in each folder, and you can choose to explore only a certain file format, depending on the filter you apply.

You can backup your current file to the location you specify, but you can also paste it as a shortcut, hard link, symbolic link or junction. You can also paste the folder structure, as well as paste text into a new file or an image into a new PNG file.

All in all, XYplorerFree can prove to be ideal for all those who want to quickly locate, preview and browse their files. Experts users looking for more advanced functions can also try XYplorer.

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