A web browser that relies on the Chromium engine to allow fast browsing with high security and support for the latest technologies.

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Xvast Description

Combining the familiar look of all the Chromium-based browsers with the advanced protection that the latest Chromium core encompasses, Xvast delivers a high-security and fast web navigator that you can use to explore different web pages in multiple tabs.

Familiar feature set and support for DRM 4.0

Xvast adopts all the features that are common for all the Chromium-based browsers, starting with the interface layout (which can be customized using themes) and the way tabs are opened and managed. The minimalistic GUI comprises the address bar, the navigation buttons, and the main menu, from where all the other tools can be accessed.

As expected, Xvast comes with download and bookmark managers, browsing history, zooming, fullscreen mode, printing options, and searching tools. All these features are accompanied by an integrated task manager, and support for Chrome extensions.

One feature that stands out is its support for DRM-X 4.0 content, which enables you to enjoy DRM protected files, such as MP4 or PDF.

Borrows high-security features from Chromium

As for security, Xvast embraces the advantages of the Chromium engine, ensuring your transferred data is completely safeguarded and difficult to intercept. Just like in any other Chromium-based browser, Guest navigation is available, incognito sessions can be started, and proxy servers can be used to re-route traffic and hide your real location and identity.

Additionally, the privacy protection toolbox enables you to block website tracking attempts, and take advantage of the browser’s built-in prediction service to detect dangerous online content.

A Chromium-based browser with DRM 4.0 support

Xvast brings to the table a secure, fast, and familiar-looking web browser that provides support for the latest technologies. Just like Chromium and Google Chrome, it aims to enrich the browsing experience, also adding DRM 4.0 support to help you manage the rights permissions of files.

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