A software utility designed to help traders keep track of the latest trends on stock markets for currency, gas, oil and metals as well as calculate risk to accounts.

  • XtreemPoint
  • Version :3.2.0
  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :XtreemPoint

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XtreemPoint Description

NOTE: You will need a trial license key to activate the application.

Stock trading is a very fast paced environment, with tides shifting from hour to hour. Software applications help traders manage their accounts and make decisions before losing money. Xtreempoint is a Forex trading program that tracks multiple trends.

A straightforward application with no special requirements

The software is simple to install and can run on most modern operating systems. There is also a mobile counterpart that helps you stay in business even if you are on the move. You will require a stable Internet connection to receive updates and notifications in time. However, you cannot install the program on a virtual machine.

The general user interface is not complicated and features a candlestick pattern that tracks changes every fifteen, thirty minutes, one hour, four hours, daily and weekly. Depending on your interest in the market, you can shift to a comfortable tracking option.

Receive trading signals and market analysis

Xtreempoint is an independent software so it can cater the needs of any broker. It is easy enough to use and does not require any third-party indicators to generate accurate signals.

Using this program, you can track twenty-three currency pairs, gas, oil and metal markets. It offers a multi-time frame trend and a multi-tabbed environment. When the tides shift, you will receive notifications, and you can act on those trends.

The tool provides complementary functionality, such as a market analysis and a risk management feature. You can view how strong a trend is before engaging in actual trading. Moreover, you can calculate the risk to an account by trading certain amounts of money.

A complementary tool for brokers

In conclusion, Xtreempoint is a useful application that provides accurate and swift signals for trading on Forex markets. It provides reliable information to help traders decide when to act and when to stay their hands. However, it is not a complete tool for trading; it is more of a secondary application.

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