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Convert XML elements to XML attributes and the other way around by turning to this portable application that needs no configuration.

  • XML Helper
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  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :PipisCrew

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XML Helper Description

If your daily routine revolves around handling XML files, you probably wished for an easy way to perform certain XML-related operations.

Fortunately, nowadays there are several software solutions that can help you in the situation depicted above. One of them is XML Helper.

No installation needed

Since it is portable, you don’t need to install this application on the target computer, as simply unpacking the archive it comes in and launching the executable grants you full access to its functions.

More so, it does not tamper with any of your Windows registry entries, nor does it create any additional files or folders on your computer without your explicit permission. It can be run from removable storage media such as USB flash drives or external HDDs.

Simplistic interface

XML Helper comes with a minimalistic, plain user interface that enables even less experienced users to benefit from its capabilities without great efforts.

The main window comes with a couple of buttons and a dedicated field where you can load the desired document. Unfortunately, you can only load files by dragging and dropping them in the field mentioned above, as there is no standard “Browse” or “Open” button or function available.

Converts Elements to Attributes and vice-versa

This application can help you convert XML Elements to Attributes and the other way around in a simple manner. You just need to load the document you want to process and choose the conversion module by clicking one of the two available buttons.

The utility then creates a new file in the same folder as the input document. On the downside, there is no notice regarding the file creation process, so you need to monitor the directory carefully, especially if it already contains several files.

Lightweight XML conversion tool

All things considered, XML Helper is a handy application that can help you convert XML Elements to Attributes and vice-versa without significant efforts. It requires no installation, features a plain user interface and requires no additional configuration.

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