Migrate Excel spreadsheets to PostgreSQL databases after selecting the preferred tables and fields using this application with Unicode support.

  • XlsToPG
  • Version:2.0 Release 1 Build 170629
  • License :Trial
  • OS:Windows All
  • Publisher:Withdata Software

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XlsToPG Description

XlsToPG is a simple to use tool that allows you to quickly import data from a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet to the selected PostgreSQL database. The application allows you to convert and organize the data, then directly import it to PostgreSQL.

Connect to the PostgreSQL database

XlsToPG requires that you establish the connection to the desired database in PosgreSQL and supports both local hosts and remote servers. Moreover, you need to specify the corresponding port, provide the authentication credentials and select the database you wish to work with.

Once the connection is established, you can easily import the Excel spreadsheet. You do not need to have Excel installed on your computer, but you need to provide the XLS or XLSX files. The program allows you to choose the preferred sheet and which rows to load. The table is displayed in the preview area, where you can check or uncheck the column you wish to import to PostgreSQL.

Select the destination database

Before you can start the conversion process, you need to select the database in which to import the Excel table. Configuring the destination implies selecting the corresponding schema, table and the type of transfer: appending, replacing or updating the information. You can select one of the existing tables or configure a new one, using the dedicated function.

Once all the settings are made, you can preview the data in the PostgreSQL database and start the process. You can either import the selected table into the database or save the SQL script to a specific file format.

Friendly interface or SQL scripting

XlsToPG allows you to configure the process from the GUI tab or to create it via an SQL script. You simply need to switch to the Query tab once you loaded the Excel spreadsheet. The program offers full support for UNICODE characters, which makes it suitable for managing various types of data. You can also perform the conversion using the dedicated wizard or create batch files and schedule tasks.

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