XiaoXiao Notepad

You can easily create texts plus insert images simply by dragging and dropping them in the working space of this reliable editor.

  • XiaoXiao Notepad
  • Version :1.1
  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :FengChuan Inc.

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XiaoXiao Notepad Description

XiaoXiao Notepad is a simple to use text editor with an additional function of displaying images along with the text lines. The tool allows you to easily insert pictures within text files, by simply dragging and dropping them in the workspace. The saved file contains both the images and the paragraphs.

Create tutorials or descriptive galleries

XiaoXiao Notepad is simple to use and features an intuitive interface many users are familiarized with. As it inherits several functions from Notepad, the menus, functions and usage of XiaoXiao Notepad also resemble the Windows native editor.

However, XiaoXiao Notepad can also render pictures and allows you to insert them in any text file, at the current location of the caret. You can add the images by dragging and dropping them onto the interface of the program, then relocate them as if they were simple words. You can thus create Help files, tutorials or descriptive galleries as easily as writing an article.

Save the documents as text files

XiaoXiao Notepad allows you to save the text and images to a TXT file, in any folder on your computer. The information regarding the picture is saved, but you need to open the file with XiaoXiao Notepad to view the graphics.

If you wish to transfer the files, you need to make sure that the documents are accompanied by the pictures you inserted in the text. If you open the documents with the native Notepad the images are replaced with the file path.

Advantages and disadvantages

XiaoXiao Notepad is simple to use and inserting pictures within the text is made easy. It also features an index page, which displays the most recently used files, so you can open them again with one mouse click. However, if you wish to view any document created with this program, in its original state, you need to make sure that the software is properly installed.

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