A lightweight but fully functional industrial configuration software that can communicate directly with most of the PLC device, such as Mitsubishi, Omron etc..

  • xArrow
  • Version :6.7
  • License :Demo
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :xArrow Software

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xArrow Description

Almost every domain of activity benefits from the help a computer can provide, and it can even be used to communicate or manipulate other machines. Sure enough, each specific type of activity requires an application that’s equipped with the right set of features. For instance, xArrow comes with the means to control and monitor industrial infrastructure.

Organize new and existing projects

The application lets you work in a simple, yet organized interface, with the default menu letting you easily navigate through project files in a side tree view pane, while value tables are shown in the rest of the space. The upper toolbar is fitted with buttons to quickly trigger different functions, like running SCADA, applying switches, accessing strings, and analog view, as well as different other components.

A built-in project manager gives you the possibility to organize your workload, with options to import existing ones, export, start new, or add extra protection through encryption. More than that, the application can be used across a network, with various net topology, address, and note configuration options.

Set alarms and build reports

There’s also the possibility to customize projects through the drawing component. Several preset examples let you get familiar with the set of features. A toolbox is at your disposal to quickly insert common objects, which can then be configured on the canvas. You can save the drawing to use in your projects.

Just to keep a close eye on things, there’s the possibility to set up alarms according to different actions that can take place, such as switch change, or analog going over a specific limit. A WAV audio file can be selected for each, while enabling requires to check a corresponding box. Exporting benefits from a decent set of options, especially the report designer for custom templates and data fields.

In conclusion

On an ending note, specialized domains of activity require dedicated applications that provide necessary controls, and xArrow is one such utility. Multiple components provide coverage for drawing, project organizing, report building, and more. Given the right set of values, it can even be used across local networks.

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