A user-friendly and effective application that can generate audio messages about the weather conditions and send them to your local repeater.

  • Version:2.0.9
  • License :Freeware
  • OS:Windows All
  • Publisher:Gabriel Rivat

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WX_PLAYER Description

WX_PLAYER is a user-friendly and effective piece of software meant to function as an audio message generator for COM-port connected repeaters, enabling you to listen to news about the weather.

Clean and simple appearance

The utility displays a small and compact user interface, where all of its functioning parameters can be accessed and customized, in just a few clicks.

The dedicated menus enable you to further adjust WX_PLAYER, so you can play the messages that you need without too much effort.

Define the weather information you want to render through your repeater

For starters, you will need to choose the weather station that you want to work with, from the ‘WX Source’ menu, for instance ‘Davis Weather Monitor II’, ‘Davis Vantage’, ‘Lacrosse’ or ‘APRS Data’.

Subsequently, you can individually select the information you are interested in, specifically ‘Indoor’ and ‘Outdoor’ temperature, ‘Atmospheric Pressure’, ‘Trend’, ‘Wind’ and ‘Gust’ speed or ‘Direction’, being able to refresh the data at preferred time intervals.

Moreover, WX_PLAYER allows you to opt between US and International unit systems, from the ‘File’ menu; from this location you can also select the ‘Compass Card’ with ‘8 Directions’ or ‘16 Directions’, according to your needs.

Other configuration options include the ‘Announcement Contents’, such as the audio volume, the date format, the ‘Hello’ and ‘Goodbye’ messages, along with the periodicity of the task, in minutes.

A useful weather reporting tool

To sum it up, WX_PLAYER is a handy program that can function as a standalone application or as an assistant for SIMPLEX, allows you to render the weather conditions as audio messages.

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