WX Disk Clear Pro

A simple to use application designed to perform system tweaks, in order to clean up and optimize your computer’s physical memory.

  • WX Disk Clear Pro
  • Version :3.5
  • License :Demo
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :WXSDA

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WX Disk Clear Pro Description

WX Disk Clear Pro is a system cleanup program, which allows you to maintain your computer clear from unnecessary files. Moreover, it allows you to monitor the processes running on your computer and automatically shuts down unnecessary ones. It can also scan the selected disk at the specified interval.

Simple to use application with a modern interface

WX Disk Clear Pro features a user-friendly interface, with a modern design and easy to access functions. As you open it, the program can detect how much free space is available for usage, on a particular disk, as well as indicate the size of trash files and traces in your PC. Moreover, as the scan is in progress, the counter of ‘Trash and traces’ reflects the unnecessary files found on your computer.

The software can perform the disk scan on demand or automatically, every 1, 5, 10, 30 or 60 minutes. You may select the desired scanning interval, then let the software run in the background and continuously monitor your system. The ‘Clear now’ button allows you to instantly delete all the detected files.

Application management

Not only can WX Disk Clear Pro monitor and erase the unnecessary files from your system, but it can also monitor the processes running on it. Thus, the Memory optimizer can indicate which processes are currently active and allows you to manually terminate the unnecessary ones. the software indicates how much memory is used by each program, as well as calculates the total amount of memory in use.

System cleanup manager and application uninstaller

WX Disk Clear Pro allows you to maintain the health of your computer by clearing away unnecessary files or terminating processes. Moreover, it allows you to completely and safely uninstall the applications you do not need, in order to restore memory space and usage availability. Simply double click on the application and the uninstalling process starts.

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