A minimalistic, stylish looking text editing and note taking application that features spell checking and integrated cloud backup options.

  • Write!
  • Version : 1.48.1
  • License :Commercialware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :HamsterCoders Ltd

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Write! Description

Write! is a simple text editor with a modern look, perfect for those who fancy the Windows 8 interface. Combining a modern look with a user-friendly and accessible layout, this application can be the tool you need in situations when you want to take notes while browsing or check the spelling of your documents.

Stylish-looking text and note editor

The application outputs files in its proprietary format only (WTT), but it also enables you to import and export documents from and to TXT, RTF or MDOWN formats. The standard tool set of a text editor is available, which allows you to change text style, insert hyperlinks, customize text color, create listsĀ  and search for words online.

It can duplicate documents and is capable of creating file drafts, which are automatically remembered by the application and retrieved at next launch, without you having to save the document.

Spell checking and other productivity tools

Aiming to provide an enhanced experience, Write! features text folding, helping you structure your documents and comes with a tab-based GUI that enables you to work with multiple files simultaneously.

And if you have to deal with a large document with numerous pages, the integrated navigator will surely come in handy. Plus, the application’s search function allows partial keyword matching, also providing support for regular expressions.

One important feature of Write! is its spell checking options. What is interesting is that you can define a specific language for any document section, varying in size from a simple word to the entire text. Furthermore, Write! can suggest you the language to switch to while you are typing.

Promising text editing utility

Of course, Write! has a long way to go before it can call itself a reliable text editor that can meet the requirements of all users, but its feature set is promising. For instance, it would be great if its range of supported file formats would be extended.

With lots of potential in its hands, Write! can be the text editing and note taking application every user wants. It is simple, yet comes with a few features that can enhance productivity, such as the self-learning dictionary.

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