Quickly launch applications from your computer, navigate to various locations and even access URLs by turning to this comprehensive utility.

  • Wox
  • Version :1.3.424
  • License :MIT License
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Wox Launcher Team

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Wox Description

If your workspace is overflowing with various documents and you need an efficient way to access specific ones, you probably understand that third-party software can help you achieve quick results.

Wox is a handy program that can help you simplify the way you access your files in various ways, by providing you with multiple relevant features.

User-friendly interface

Wox comes with a clean, minimalistic user interface that integrates multiple highly intuitive functions, making it possible even for computer novices to benefit from its capabilities without significant effort.

After you launch the executable, the application is minimized to tray. Calling its interface can be accomplished by either using the appropriate key combination (by default the hotkeys are Alt + Space) or right-clicking the tray icon and selecting the Open option.

Multi-purpose launcher

This tool makes it possible that you can access various items from your computer, including locations, applications, documents and even URLs. You just need to type the desired content into the designated field and select the corresponding item from the list.

Additionally, it comes with an accessible configuration menu, which allows you to modify certain parameters, to better fit your needs. For instance, it is possible to browse a plugin management component, where you can enable, disable or install plugins according to your needs. Among the supported plugins you can find the Everything application, which is an advanced file searching tool.

Reliable launcher that features multiple useful components

All in all, Wox is a handy launcher tool that enables you to access multiple items on your computer, such as locations, programs or URLs, in a convenient manner. It packs a smooth user interface that integrates straightforward functions, packs a useful configuration menu and a plugin manager.

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