Manage your WordPress websites and your account from the comforts of your computer’s desktop with the help of this official client.

  • WordPress.com
  • Version :1.4.0
  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Automattic

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WordPress.com Description

WordPress may have started out in life as a typical blogging platform but with the passing of time, it has evolved into one of the most popular versatile content management system out there that allows you to create fully functional web apps or even mobile apps.

This said, if you are working with WordPress on a daily basis, then you surely know by now that the platform works very well on almost all modern web browsers.

If accessing WordPress via a browser seems a bit counterproductive and obtrusive to you, then you might want to give the WordPress.com application a quick try out.

The official WordPress client

To put it as simple as possible, WordPress.com is the official client for the CMS with the same name that brings you the full functionality of the platform right on your computer’s desktop.

Subsequent to a typical and swift installation process and upon first launching the application, you are prompted to log in using your official WordPress credentials.

Displays the same intuitive and user-friendly interface as the WordPress web-apps

Once logged in, it should be business as usual for you, since you are met by the same user-friendly and very well-thought out interface. Within seconds, you are bound to discover that this is one smooth-running app, with a very reactive interface and blitz page-loading times for your websites.

The interface features a very functional layout, with a top toolbar that allows you to instantly switch between the Reader and My Site modes, as well as write new posts and manage notifications.

Manage all aspects of your WordPress content from the Reader and My Site sections

Within the Reader mode, from the left side of the main window, you can switch between sections that allow you to manage the sites you are currently following, that reveal new content that might be of interest for you, the handy search feature, various recommendations and your favorite pieces of WordPress content to date.

The My Site section is where the all the under-the-hood magic happens and it’s also the place where you are offered access to a great number of customization features, plugins and themes among them.

Simple and useful client for one of the most widely-used CMS

Taking everything into account, WordPress.com is an efficient piece of software that offers you a distraction-free environment for managing WordPress content without having to rely on a web-browser in order to achieve this.

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