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Effortlessly make text substitutions in multiple Word documents at the same time with just a few clicks using this intuitive application.

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Word Text Replacer Description

In the eventuality that your company moved to another address or perhaps you switched to a new phone provider, then it goes without saying that you need to make sure that the correct address or number appear on the documents you are sending out to your customers, partners and associates.

Word Text Replacer is a small utility that provides you with a quick and straightforward way to replace content and add special characters to dozens of documents at the same time.

Includes a clean and well-structured interface

Following a fast and forthright installation, you are welcomed by an intuitive UI split into two main sections. While in the upper section you can preview the list of documents to be processed along with extra data, you can specify the modifications to be made from the lower region of the interface.

It is worth mentioning that the application displays additional information about the Word documents that can help you determine whether the modifications have been made at a glance. Therefore, you can learn about the date when the file was modified and accessed, whether it is protected by a password, the number of replacements made as well as the errors encountered during the processing.

Supports the insertion of a wide variety of special characters

The program provides you with several options so that you can configure the precise section where the changes should be made. Consequentially, you can set the app the replace the text within the header, main text, endnotes, footnotes and specify if you prefer to ignore punctuation signs and white-space characters, for instance.

At the same time, the utility permits you to add special characters to any location within the document, an option that can be helpful if you are creating templates for a new branch office that you intend to open in a different part of the globe. If you want to review the changes made, then you should keep in mind that you can mark the highlight replacements options and review your new documents.

A useful tool for processing multiple Word documents

In case you are commonly editing or proofreading Word documents, but would like to speed things up a bit by processing multiple files at the same time, then perhaps Word Text Replacer could come in handy.

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