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Retrieve passwords for Microsoft Word documents by using multiple recovery methods, with this handy and intuitive piece of software.

  • Word Password
  • Version :2017-07-17
  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Thegrideon Software

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Word Password Description

Encryption of sensitive documents is often necessary, to prevent their contents from being viewed or copied by unauthorized users. However, if you forget the specified password, you may need a tool that allows you to retrieve it.

Word Password is an intuitive application, designed to help you recover lost passwords from DOCX, DOTX, DOCM and DOTM files by running various types of dictionary or brute-force attacks.

If Microsoft Word is installed on your machine, you can also use this application to remove formatting and editing restrictions from files.

Multiple password recovery methods

After opening a document, the application allows you to select which types of attacks should be performed during the recovery process.

The program can create passwords based on a list of words extracted from a dictionary file of your choice. Certain additional variations (capitalization, character replacement and conversion of keyboard layout) can be defined.

Word Password can perform brute-force attacks, which create passwords based on all possible combinations of specific numbers, letters and symbols. You can also define the maximum and minimum length of the generated passkeys.

Combine recovery methods

You can create complex combinations of mixed attacks, allowing you to split the generated passwords into multiple parts and apply a different retrieval method for each segment.

For example, if the password length and type is already known, you can perform a brute-force attack that uses a specific range of characters and creates passkeys of a certain length. You can also have this method applied to only a specific part of the password, then perform a dictionary-based attack for the other segment.

Remove write protection passwords

If a Word file has various editing and formatting restrictions applied, the application can simply create a new document with the same contents, but without the specified limitations.

Overall, Word Password is a useful tool, designed to help you recover the passwords of protected Microsoft Word documents. It features an intuitive interface and allows you to customize the retrieval process in many ways.

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