Word Count

Count the number of words and characters inside BIB, TEX, and TXT files or directly from clipboard content with this lightweight application.

  • Word Count
  • Version:v1
  • License :Freeware
  • OS:Windows All
  • Publisher:Javier Lechuga

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Word Count Description

Depending on the domain of activity, the number of words you write has a significant importance, and if you want proof, take, for instance, the limited space for your Tweets. However, this goes beyond social media, and it is up to applications like Word Count to do the counting for documents that lack such a feature.

Can be used on the go

The application works just fine right after downloading it, which means you can use it on other computers directly from a USB flash drive. Another consequence of portability is that system registries are not a dependency, thus not having an impact on the target PC’s health status.

With the main window up, you can start looking for the documents you want to practice on. However, you need to do this through the application’s built-in browse dialog, because dragging them over the main window has no effect. What’s more, using the open command only works for already saved project files.

Count words from files and clipboard

Disappointment might start to kick in once you take a look at the supported file formats. Unlike your expectations, the application can only be used to count words inside file formats like TXT, TEX, and BIB. Additionally, there’s the possibility to have words counted from text strings inside the clipboard.

You’re free to add multiple files, with the application storing them in a table, showing words for each item. There’s also an indicator that shows the total amount of words in all documents. If you’re interested in a single document, there’s a dedicated tool that skips you the effort of creating a list, and only lets you select the target file.

On an ending note

Truth be told, Word Count gets the job done, managing to instantly display the number of words inside a document, and also showing content. The poor file support can quickly have you look for alternatives, but this can easily be bypassed by the possibility to count clipboard content.

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