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Design a quiz or survey suitable for any need with the large variety of customization options offered by this user friendly application.

  • Wondershare Quizcreator
  • Version :4.5.1
  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Wondershare Software

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Wondershare Quizcreator Description

Regardless of your activity, sooner or later you will have to take a test. It does not only show what you’ve learned so far, but it can also be a step that brings you closer to success. From the classic type of pen and paper, it evolved into the form of a computer application, which can be created using Wondershare Quizcreator.

Design your own set of questions

You are given a cleverly intuitive interface to work with and at no time will you feel lost. Several types of queries can be created, ranging from simple true/false questions to asking the end user to write a short essay. All of these are displayed afterward in a list containing specific details about each.

Scores can be attributed, as well as passing rate percentage, in case you want to have the end user question his own capability of getting through all steps successfully. A message can be displayed at the end of the quiz for each situation.

In addition, the application also features a survey creator, which offers similar editing options, the end result being different. Again, you can choose from several types of requirements in order to make it more diverse.

Customize anything

Needless to say that all visible text can have any color, size and font you think best describes the test you create. Furthermore, video support can be added, as the application gives you the possibility to include pictures and movies in each section. Also, the “Player Template” button brings you to even more customization options. With all of these functions included any quiz or survey will have its own personality.

In conclusion

All in all, Wondershare Quizcreator not only makes test design easy, but also fun. The user friendly interface will get you started in no time, and the various customization options will have you spending time to create even the most silly surveys. It’s not to be taken as a joke, because the end result can even be oriented towards a serious business.

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