Wondershare DreamStream

A software utility that enables you to easily stream video and audio content from a computer to your TV, using Google Chromecast or Roku devices.

  • Wondershare DreamStream
  • Version :2.2.0
  • License :Demo
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Wondershare Software

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Wondershare DreamStream Description

The new wave of smart TVs come with the ability to browse the Internet without being connected to your computer, which allows them to stream online multimedia content from websites such as YouTube or Vimeo. Despite that, you still have to use an USB flash drive or external hard disk to transfer videos to your TV, since they do not have enough storage space on their own.

Stream movies directly from your computer

Wondershare DreamStream is a software application that enables you to bypass this process, by enabling you to send the video playback directly to your TV, without any additional cables involved in the process. Hence, you can quickly stream any video or audio file you have available on your computer, as well as online content.

Even if your TV does not have “smart” capabilities, it can still receive the stream, since the application uses Google Chromecast and Roku devices to perform the operation. Thus, your media collection can be made available on your big screen from a tablet as well, not only from your computer. As you might expect, the videos can be streamed in full-HD quality, as long as the connection speed allows it.

Wide support for a multitude of file formats

In addition, Wondershare DreamStream can recognize a wide range of formats when it comes to multimedia content, including video and audio files. Among the supported video formats, you can find MKV, AVI and TS, while on the audio part you have MP3, APE and AC3. Thus, you do not need to convert documents and avoid format limitations on different platforms.

There is also a media player included into the application, which enables you to quickly play any file from your library and stream it on the TV screen. Additionally, it supports OSD subtitles and provides you with basic playback control functions, such as pause, next and stop, as well as a volume adjustment slider.

A modern multimedia streamer

Overall, Wondershare DreamStream delivers on all fronts when it comes to format support, streaming quality and media library. Moreover, thanks to the sleek interface design and the very simple and intuitive controls, the application can be easily used anyone, regardless of any previous experience with computers. The only downside is that you need to have a Chromecast or Roku device connected to your TV set in order to stream the contents.

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