Wolfram CDF Player

Opens projects created with Mathematica, also allowing the interaction with documents in the Wolfram Demonstrations Project library.

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Wolfram CDF Player Description

Wolfram CDF Player can provide access to the extensive Wolfram Demonstrations Project library, enabling you to view thousands of interactive demonstrations from various topics, such as mathematics, computation, physical and life sciences, business, engineering and technology, arts, gaming and so on.

The Computable Document Format or in short, CDF, is a type of document that focuses on user interactivity, displaying graphical representations that respond to user action. Created using the Mathematica technology, it can be used for generating compelling presentations, blog entries, articles and reports that the audience can interact with.

Wolfram CDF Player can run CDF files and Mathematica reports, courseware and applications (in NBP or NB format) on your computer, also bundling web browser plugins that allow you to interact with CDF content on the Web.

With this application installed on your computer, CDF and Mathematica documents come to life. It allows document printing and is capable of opening multiple files simultaneously.

Thanks to the dynamic computation technology, you can explore interactive documents directly in your browser or download the corresponding CDF files locally and launch them in Wolfram CDF Player.

CDF demonstrations available in the Wolfram Demonstrations Project offer visual representations of various phenomenon, offering a better insight and understanding of the studied topic. Wolfram CDF Player enables you to explore such interactive documents, proving to be of great use to students, teachers and researches.

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