WMS Log Analyzer Enterprise Edition

A Windows Media Services analyzer that automatically detects log file formats, allows you to customize date and time and provides multithreaded processing.

  • WMS Log Analyzer Enterprise Edition
  • Version : 6.2 Build 0791
  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :ExactTrend

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WMS Log Analyzer Enterprise Edition Description

If you own a media server, whether it’s Microsoft Windows Media Services, Wowza Media Server or Adobe Flash Media Server, you might need a quick, convenient way to log and analyze various data about it.

In the situation mentioned above, WMS Log Analyzer Enterprise Edition is one of the software solutions that can help you achieve satisfactory results by providing you with all the necessary features.

Analyze data from your media server

WMS Log Analyzer Enterprise Edition can help you perform complex analysis of your media server and provides you with an extensive array of useful information, while also granting you the possibility of logging the data and saving it as a report on your PC.

Among the data you can extract from your server, it is possible to find general stats as well as more specific ones related to visitors, requests, bandwidth usage, file, folder and extension access, IP addresses, users, sessions, countries, regions, cities, servers, referrers, search engines, operating systems, browsers and browser versions.

Manage multiple workspaces

You can create new workspaces that you can save to your computer so that you can load them again later, if needed. You are provided with basic editing functions such as cutting, copying, pasting and searching through the records.

It is possible to generate reports from the Report menu and also append log files to them with minimum efforts. Reports can be exported to HTML, MHTML, plain text and CSV formats, but it is also possible to send it via email directly from the application.

Additional features

Aside from offering you log analysis capabilities for your media server, this application also packs a series of auxiliary services, which can help you simplify your task even more.

The extra features consist of a Whois component that lets you gather additional data about a target by specifying a host name or an IP address, an export tool that saves all your favorites as an HTML file on your PC, an auxiliary database updater and a summary of log files.

Handy log analyzer for your media servers

All things considered, WMS Log Analyzer Enterprise Edition is a reliable application that allows you to analyze logs of your media servers, generate complex reports on them and save them to your PC. It also packs a series of additional functions, such as a Whois utility and a favorite list exporter.

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