Create setup files for your application using a technology similar Windows Installer XML platform with this simple and straightforward application.

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WiXAware Description

WiXAware is an IDE designed to help you create MSI setup packages for .NET, Windows and web application using the WiX platform without too much hassle.

Quick setup and user-friendly interface

While the installation is a fast and straightforward process, it is important to note that you need to add a dedicated password to continue with the setup. As indicated in the installer, you find out the passkey from the developer’s website – which is “Bariloche” without the quotes – or you can enter a valid email address to continue.

Upon launch, you come face to face with a well-structures and intuitive interface that is unlikely to give you any troubles. You can commence a new setup or you can load the file you have been working on so far. The program allows you to create installation packages, merge modules, fragments, patches and language packs.

Enables you to customize the installer file

The idea behind the program is to allow you to create a file that includes multiple custom actions that are well-tested and standardized. Therefore, you can specify the desired module information, components, fragments, isolated components, exclusions, configurations, localization, substitutions or the modularizations to be ignored, for instance.

The application provides you with a flexible environment where you can add any feature, parameters and other settings you want your installer to feature. Consequentially, you can set additional install actions, including, but not limited to paths, COM or COM+ registration, file associations, NT services, ODBC resources, INI, XML, environment variables, publish components, users and groups or the assemblies.

Depending on the type of application you are developing, you can further customize the server configuration, custom actions, dependencies, property management and data storage.

A tool that enables you to create MSI setup packages seamlessly

In the eventuality that you want to deploy an installer that features Microsoft’s standard technology, while still being able to customize it to meet your needs and requirements, then perhaps WiXAware could come in handy.

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