WiX Toolset

A useful package of command line tools that creates Windows installation packages for your applications by using the XML authoring model.

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WiX Toolset Description

WiX Toolset is a useful tool collection for all the programmers who want to easily create installers for their applications. These command line utilities are designed to process your files and automate the build process for each release.

When creating a program, developers need to deal with multiple resources, source code files and libraries. Since all the components need to be in place in order to create a functioning software, preparing the deployment package is one of the most important steps.

This toolset includes the utilities required to preprocess, compile and link your files in order to build the installer that is delivered to the end-user. The supported output files include MSI installers, patches, modules and transforms.

Besides installers, WiX can generate SQL databases or IIS websites by using binder or compiler extensions. The extensions can be accessed from Visual Studio or when using one of the command line tools.

Since most Windows developers use Visual Studio as the main development environment, the toolset includes support for multiple versions. The plug-ins enable you to create WiX projects and specific files directly from the Visual Studio interface.

In order to use the application features you need to learn how to organize your files and components. The documentation is quite extensive and also provides you with links to third party tutorials and presentations.

Additionally, you can use your own work to get accustomed with the steps required to build an installer. The Dark command line tool enables you to reverse-engineer an already packed application in order to view the required WiX authoring files.

If you need to build installers for Windows applications, WiX Toolset is a viable alternative. Since it can be used for automating the build process, it can save time and improve your overall efficiency.

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