Wise Force Deleter

Permanently erase files on your computer, even if they are used by other applications or access to them is denied without administrator rights.

  • Wise Force Deleter
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  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :WiseCleaner

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Wise Force Deleter Description

Windows is configured to prevent the deletion of any file that is used by one of its running applications since this could result in software crashes. However, there is a downside to this: you might find yourself not being able to get rid of an unwanted or potentially dangerous file just because the system sees it as not accessible.

While there are options to help you find your way out from such a situation, you can also consider a dedicated file shredder, such as Wise Force Deleter.

Unlock and erase files

As its name clearly states, Wise Force Deleter is designed to provide a safe method for you to permanently delete a file in Windows, even if it is locked by other applications or has access restrictions.

What Wise Force Deleter does is try to forcefully terminate the processes that use the target file and immediately remove all access limitations, enabling you to freely delete it.

Access from the right-click menu

Once installed, Wise Force Deleter adds a new item in the context menu of Windows, which can be used to quickly select the file to erase.

Unfortunately, you can only select one file at a time, although the main window of the application enables you to manually create lists and schedule files for deletion. Also, please note that Wise Force Deleter must be closed for a newly selected file to be sent to the shredder. Once the file is displayed in the main GUI, you just have to press the ‘Unlock & Delete’ button.

File unlocker that needs improvements

Wise Force Deleter works like a charm with files that require administrator rights to delete, bypassing this restriction. On the other hand, during our tests, it failed to immediately delete a video file locked in a player, but permanently erased it once the player was closed.

All in all, this application can unlock some of the files you want to get rid of, but there is definitely room for improvements, considering that some of the existing functions do not work as they should. For instance, it would come in handy to identify and display the name of the application or process that uses the target file. Integrating disk overwriting and shredding options would also be an important plus.

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