A straightforward and user-friendly software solution that helps you get a wide range of details about your active WiFi connection.

  • WirelessConnectionInfo
  • Version :1.13
  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Nir Sofer

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WirelessConnectionInfo Description

There are a lot of devices that connect to the Internet via a wireless connection, thus making it easier for users to carry their laptops, notebooks or smartphones to other locations, rather than being stuck behind a desk.

WirelessConnectionInfo can help get numerous types of information regarding your WiFi connection, even if you are not a computer expert.

A portable app with an intuitive GUI

It needs to be mentioned right from the start that the application does not need to be installed onto the host computer, meaning that you can copy it on a removable drive and run it whenever you want to get advanced data about the active connection.

Another benefit of using a portable utility is that no entries are added to the Windows registry, so it can run smoother for a longer period of time.

Also, the graphic interface is meant to be as intuitive as possible, so as to allow users to focus on the presented data instead of finding or understanding the app’s functions.

Automatically displays data on the wireless connection

Once you run the application, it automatically detects the active wireless connection and creates a detailed list with various data related to it.

If the wireless connection is not detected, you can access the Options window and manually select the correct network adapter.

Explore SSID, connection and profile name, and many more

WirelessConnectionInfo can display a wide range of information, such as interface state, connection mode, profile name, SSID and BSSID, as well as signal quality, receiving and transmission rates.

You can easily copy some or all the data and export it to a TXT, CSV, HTML or XML file that you can review at a later time.

All in all, WirelessConnectionInfo can come in handy to all those looking to find out advanced details about their active wireless connection without too much hassle on their part.

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