Create wireframes, mockups or prototypes for web-based, mobile and desktop applications, so as to offer a preview to customers and other team members.

  • WireframeSketcher
  • Version : 4.7.6 Build 20170615-0819
  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :WireframeSketcher.com

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WireframeSketcher Description

WireframeSketcher is a prototype creation utility intended to assist project managers and developers put their vision and ideas on paper, in order to get constructive feedback from their clients. With its help, they can create mockups for websites, desktop and mobile applications, encouraging team work and client interaction.

Diverse object library

The extended object library it comes with includes various elements you can insert into your sketch, such as containers, user input items (buttons, check boxes, sliders, lists and various types of fields), text areas and tool-tips, splitters, icons and labels, geometrical shapes, lines. Also, it comprises charts, cover flows, images, videos and maps. You can use annotations to write explanations and personal notes.

Easily manipulate elements and share the project with others

Elements can be grouped together, duplicated, re-sized and edited with just a click. You can anchor objects to a container’s edges, change the item order, align objects and create links between them. Thanks to the drag and drop support, the layout can be easily modified.

WireframeSketcher enables you to design individual screens that can be then played in a slideshow to display a sequence of actions and their result.

The resulting layout or a part of it can be copied to the clipboard, saved to a locally stored PNG file or exported to PDF format. Alternatively, you can upload the mockup to an online server, send the generated link to your colleagues and ask for their opinion.

Get feedback from clients based on the prototype

Providing an user-friendly interface, WireframeSketcher can be used by any type of user, be it a beginner or a more experienced one. It can be of use in creating prototypes and sketches that can be shared with team members and clients in order to collaborate on the design before starting working on the project. The result is a more satisfied customer and higher productivity.

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