Wire Pilot

An intelligent application that helps you eliminate unwanted objects from your photos, such as telephone wires or other linear items.

  • Wire Pilot
  • Version :3.8.1
  • License :Demo
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Two Pilots

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Wire Pilot Description

Taking a picture only takes several seconds, but taking a good picture requires focus and knowledge of how and when to press the shutter button, because you might not want to include all objects in the view range. Luckily, various specialized applications such as Wire Pilot give you the possibility to post-process your photos to eliminate any imperfections.

Intuitive design quickly gets you up and running

In terms of visuals, the application sports a clean and highly-intuitive interface, with most space representing an interactive preview section fitted with multiple zoom and navigation controls, as well as an option to preview the original image for comparison. There’s also a side panel fitted with all necessary tools you can toggle on or off for more space.

Supports multiple image file types

Files are easily gathered, either by dragging them over the main window or through the dedicated file explorer. The application supports a decent amount of formats, such as JPG, TIF, PNG and BMP, which increases overall flexibility. The same number of formats are available when it comes to saving your work.

The palette of tools you work with isn’t that abundant, but most of them get the job properly done. At its core, the application is meant to help you remove wires and other imperfections from your pictures, and such a dedicated tool is selected by default.

Various customizable brushes to patch up photos

There aren’t any effects to apply, with the application being strictly dedicated to patching up. Amongst others, you can adjust several technical details, such as the image size, or use a crop tool to manually select the new output.

Rotation, contrast and brightness, as well as a smart patch brush are amongst the utilities you’ll most likely use. Each comes with its own set of sliders and options you can manage, depending on the intensity of errors in your picture or your intentions.

On an ending note

All in all, Wire Pilot manages to live up to expectations and puts an intuitive and practical environment at your disposal with which you can carefully remove spots, wires and other imperfections you did not want to include in a photo. Little effort is required to get acquainted with its features, while the diversity of file formats it supports makes it worth at least a try.

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