WinWatermark Photo Edition

Visually enhance your pictures and keep them protected by adding both text and image watermarks with the help of this simple application.

  • WinWatermark Photo Edition
  • Version :12.11.21
  • License :Demo
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Simple Soft, LLC.

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WinWatermark Photo Edition Description

Watermarks probably represent the easiest and most widely-accepted way to “stamp” your photos to prevent misuse, without harming their overall aesthetics and without actually limiting their exposure possibilities.

And when it comes to watermarking your photos, there are literally endless options on the Internet, from cross-platform specialized apps all the way up to web services.

Even though its name might lead you to believe that it is just a simple watermarking utility, WinWatermark Photo Edition is actually an interesting mix between a watermarking app and a photo editor.

Sports a monotonous UI that might require some getting used to

The can be deployed on your computer’s system in mere seconds and sports grey-themed yet quite non-impressive user interface.

In fact, you might find the app’s interface to be the app’s biggest drawback, not a surprise, especially considering how fierce the competition is in this segment and how many apps of this sort with way better interface there are out there.

Load photos and enhance the way they look with the help of this app

Nevertheless, you can get started with this app quite easily by importing images or entire folder via intuitive drag and drop gestures. Subsequently, simply select the images you want to process and click the edit button from the almost awkwardly placed low toolbar.

The UI’s layout should now have switched to Edit mode, revealing a set of useful tools, also placed on the bottom part of the main window. You can rotate the pictures, change their orientation, flip them horizontally or vertically, add interesting effects and frames, resize, crop or rename them, and, finally, add watermarks.

Run-of-the-mill watermarking options

Please note that that the application supports both types of watermarks, namely text and image. When it comes to the former option, the text watermarks, you should know that you can customize their font, their size, choose the placement on your picture via an intuitive diagram, rotate them and even choose the opacity level.

The situation is somewhat similar, although a bit simpler, in the case of the image watermarks. You can choose their placement, rotate them, change their opacity and even tweak their brightness and contrast levels.

Not the best watermarking app but definitely not bad

All in all, WinWatermark Photo Edition is an interesting app that allows you to watermark your photos with the least amount of hassle, all while offering you the possibility to lightly edit them in the process of doing so.

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