Recorder GUI available for everybody.

  • WinTVCap_GUI
  • Version :3.7.0
  • License :GPL
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :ds10

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WinTVCap_GUI Description

WinTVCap_GUI is designed as a Graphical User Interface that allows you to record or schedule recordings for TV and radio shows through any application that that accepts recording via Command Line parameters.

At first it was only intended to be a GUI for WinTVCap, that’s where it’s name comes from. But from time to time I added more and more feature. A important one is the Extended Scheduler which enables the use of any command line parameter accepting recording application.

Support for GBRecord was later added, because it’s similar to WinTVCap but supports even more tv cards. The only thing left, that is only be useable by using WinTVCap or GBRecord is LiveTV, all other features can be used with other recording applications.

WinTVCap_GUI uses the Windows Task Scheduler for creating recording tasks, therefore it doesn’t have to run to let a recording start. Windows handles the start, so it’s possible to send the computer to hibernate, if a recording is up to the computer will be waked up and the recording will be done.

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